Color Picker App Reviews

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Exactly what I was looking for

Finally I found the app I was looking for. Multi-Screen is supported perfectly. HEX-values can be copied to the clipboard via shortcut. Nice! Thanks.

Best I’ve Used

I love this app. It has everything I need for my day to day color picking needs. Many thanks for this little beauty.

Use it all the time

I love this app! A quick command+shift+m and bam you’re picking a color, copying the value and pasting in your code/design! You can also save swatches as groups. Really handy if you follow brand guidelines or reuse certain color values often. It’s a must have!


Great, handy little tool for developers. Takes the tedium out of selecting and using colors in your app. Highly recommend!

Stopped workig

I’m a graphic designer and I used this as much as I breathe and drink water (that’s a lot) but suddenly, this app stopped working and I seriously can’t get anything done. This was the best color picker app out there and now it doesn’t event work. Please fix it!!

My Web Design’s Best Friend

I stopped for a sec to write this review, but I remember trying a couple completely worthless apps to pick / save colors. Color Picker is quick and easy to learn. I have to admit I fell in love with the simplicity of this app before I realized it’s ability to actually save swatches. I’m a web designer and it’s been awesome to save a client color pallette to be used across several different programs by simply creating a swatch group for each client. Go to: Perferences / Swatches / Create New :) ENJOY!

Magnifier not working

MacBook Air, OSX 10.11.6 Magnifier feature always reports #000000 as the color regardless of what is hovered over or clicked on.

I use this everyday

I am a mobile developer and I use this tool everyday. When creating a UI I often need to reference colors from images. this tool make sit very easy and even generates code I can copy into my workspace. Very convenient. Glad this exists. Good Job Color Picker.

Freezes on Sierra

Just got this app and it freezes with an error screen on Sierra.

Does exactly what I need it to

I love the color picker magnifying glass feature and easy conversion from HEX to RGB values. I’ve found a bug in the Menu Bar though… “Copy to Clipboard RBG” should read “Copy to Clipboard RGB"

Excellent tool

Does exactly what I need it to do. Stays out of my way. The ability to copy UIColor initialisers for ObjC and Swift is awesome. The color palette saver is also nice.

Difficult to use — clunky!

I found this app a bit clunky. I was hoping for an app which allowed me to quickly point and click colors on my desktop and save to the clipboard. This app lacked: (1) The ability to quickly click and go directly to color picker mode. Instead, I had to click the icon then click the picker. Yuck. (2) Once the color was picked, it wasn’t copied to the clipboard. (3) To make it worse, it opened a window on top which was hard to get rid of. Overall, too many clicks and keypresses to quickly use this app.

Now we are getting there

I finally feel like I can use this app. The multi-monitor plague made this ColorPicker to frustrating to use. I am glad to see that this bug has finally been squashed. The only downside is, transitioning from one monitor to another freezes the mouse for approx 1 sec before it continues into the new screen. However one can live with it. Feature request, please either combine the rgb values into one field or provide a copy button. Scenario - I have chosen a color with the mouse, I see the rgb color code and I would love to click copy, however I have to either drop the mouse and use the easily forgettable shortcut cmd+R or nvaigate into the menubar. Perhaps this is alrady possible, if so feel free to tell me @Brenwell Thanks for the app

Nice App, But...

I wish I could save color pallettes for individual projects.

Awesome little App

I’ve tried a bunch of color picker apps and this one is the best definitely. It’s simple, beautiful and well done. The color scheme feature is very handy too, I’m managing a lot of color pallets with it.

Good Job

its amazing… Give a try….

Great app!

Exactly what I was looking for, a simple color picking app that is simple to use, intuititve and not obtrusive. Thank you, Patrik!

So great!

Color Picker is an amazing tool. A must-have for any Cocoa developer and/or (application) designer. It comes with a wonderful and intuitive interface, and already saved me a lot of time in my daily development cycle. Compared to other color pickers I encountered, this is by far the best app available!

Powerfull tool

I use it everyday while developing and its a great way to get the correct colors from my designers screenshots. I can highly recommend the picker :)

Most awesome color program available!

I just want to thank the developers of this app! It´s the most awesome tool I ever had on my Mac. I use it every day and I really like it. Espcially the swatches option and the color picker are very useful. So I recommend everyone out there to use this program, espcially for me as a web designer it´s very useful.

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